How to find native speakers for language practice?

Andrei Kuzmin / 25 Jan

How to find native speakers for language practice?

This question is of interest to almost every person who learns a foreign language.

After the successful development of the first versions of the mobile Lingocard application its public placement and ease of access, the app gained tens of thousands of users.

But what about language practice? We thought - why don't we unite all these people to communicate in their own native languages ​​and help each other.

As a result, we had the idea of ​​creating a global education network that will solve the problem of practice for those who study foreign languages ​​by helping them find suitable teachers.

find native speakers for language practice

Perhaps the most popular language of international communication is English. According to statistics, more than 80% of the total number of students of foreign languages ​​(about 1.5 billion) study English and almost everyone needs language practice.

Where can we find many native English speakers?

What do native speakers need to communicate with us?

Firstly, the opportunity to earn money online. Millions of people around the world are ready to make money online through communicating in their own language.

Secondly, many native English speakers also study foreign languages ​​and they need language practice in the foreign language they are studying. Many of them want to learn the language that you speak. Thus, you can help each other learn, through doing activities such as spending 30 minutes communicating in your native language in exchange for 30 minutes of communication in the language you are learning.

Thirdly, a huge number of people all over the world need online education and are looking for teachers in other disciplines. For example - in mathematics, music, cooking of national dishes, exact sciences, accounting, programming, design, etc. Each person has their own individual skills and talents. What if you were to help teach someone the language they are studying, while being taught something at the same time. For example: Jessica lives in a small American town and needs a math teacher, but she doesn't have the money and it is very difficult for her to find the right teacher. Fortunately, for Jessica, you know mathematics well and you really need to find an English speaker, but you live in Russia. Our platform will introduce you to each other and thus you will be able to learn for free while sharing your knowledge, even if you live on opposite sides of the Earth.

Moreover, using our programs during a conversation or videoconference, you can quickly create language cards with new words and sentences that will instantly go to your cloud storage for later memorization and use with all of our tools.

Thus, the global education network can scale to any discipline and we have the opportunity to help a huge number of people around the world.

The best way to learn the language is to fully immerse in the language environment, so we plan to develop tools for finding housing in any country with the opportunity to communicate with potential roommates, as well as the ability to find classes in language schools and planning travels.

At first glance, our idea may seem unrealistic to many, but with the correct implementation and reporting of information to a large number of people around the world, it is obvious that this will work.

If you have interesting ideas on the development of our platform or you want to take part in our project - write to us at any time.